Yadier Molina’s career beyond reproach, Like Rocky Balboa.

Yadier Molina Versus Galactus, destroyer of masks, catcher’s masksreceived_1908523079474479


Yankees “Toddfather” Todd Frazier honors tradition; Ruthian – dutifully doting on game-injured girl.

I read the reports of the young girl injured at the Yankees game. Seems Todd Frazier is living up to his “unofficial” nickname. Surely, this young girl will get the finest care available. And, the effort by Frazier couldn’t hurt either.  I hope she recovers nicely. Maybe a new net should go up – I haven’t an opinion…  Baseball, like our lives, living here received_1906349936358460in America, has certainly gotten more dangerous. Something to think about.

Question: what is YOUR, reasonably expected and optimal team batting average for a championship season?

Last night on Quick Pitch, Heidi brought up the fact that the Cubs World Series team of 2016 had a team average, .256…

Now, the 2017 Astros are better with a current .276 team average: this range is my optimal team performance expectation for World Series dreams.

But, as always, pitching, pitching, pitching… And, Heidi looks like a unicorn in this picture:)IMG_20170607_010925562_BURST000_COVER

Mario Baseball is NOMO


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Mario took his ball home

If you want Japanese baseball

Fly to Tokyo Dome

The previous HAIKU represents my appreciation for Nintendo products and their great tradition. Just like Baseball, the cultural identity of millions has been shaped by Nintendo’s games.

P.S. has anyone but me noticed Quick Pitch anchor Heidi Watney looks exactly like Princess Peach?

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Watch MLB network’s Quick Peach….  I mean Quick Pitch.